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Class I: STEMI: Acute, NSTEMI: < 72 hours (timing based on risk stratification).

Class I: Disabling stable angina pectoris (CCS III-IV) despite medical therapy or high-risk criteria on clinical assessment / noninvasive testing or unexplained heart failure or survivors of cardiac arrest or severe ventricular arrhythmias or angina in conjunction with signs of heart failure or unexplained heart failure or early recur- rence of angina after PCI/ CABG or pre cardiac valve surgery ( : >35 yrs, : >50 yrs.).

Class IIa: Inconclusive or conflicting results after noninvasive stress testing or una- ble to undergo noninvasive testing (disability, illness, or morbid obesity) or reevalu- ation of performed procedures (main stem PCI, high restenosis risk).

Class III: Risk of CAG outweighs the benefit (significant comorbidity) or mild an- gina (CCS class I or II) responding well to medical therapy.